CRKT Roush, Cimbri (2747)


CRKT Cimbri

Designed by Elmer Roush in Brasstown, North Carolina

Ancient form meets contemporary function.

With deep roots in 8th century weaponry, the Cimbri™ two-handed camp axe mimics lines, balance, and heft of its medieval counterpart. But unlike the Frankish axe, its primary adversary is a stout log.

  • Hot forged 1055 carbon steel is tough and durable
  • Black magnesium phosphate coating on the head provides corrosion resistance
  • Tennessee Hickory handle to head ratio is well balanced for extended use in the field

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Blade Length: 4.094″ (103.99 mm)
Blade Edge: Axe
Blade Steel: Hot Forged 1055 Carbon Steel
Blade Finish: Black Magnesium Phosphate Coating
Blade Thickness: 1.258″ (31.95 mm)
Weight: 32.8 oz.
Handle: Tennessee Hickory
Style: Axe
Overall Length: 26″ (660.4 mm)