CRKT Freyr (2746)


CRKT Freyr 

Designed by Elmer Roush in Brasstown, North Carolina

Norse design with a soul that’s all American.

Why meddle with an axe shape that has been tried and true for over a thousand years? That’s the logic designer and veteran Elmer Roush brings to the Freyr™ tactical axe. The deep beard echoes Viking style. But its balance and pure burliness boosts it into a contemporary league all its own. Shield and Viking battle cry not included.

  • Hot Forged 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Prominent Useful Beard Design
  • Tennessee Hickory Handle


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Blade Length: 4.528″ (115.01 mm)
Blade Edge: Axe Edge
Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel
Blade Finish: Magnesium Phosphate Coating
Blade Thickness: 1.185″ (30.1 mm)
Weight: 1 lbs 12.7 oz
Handle: Tennessee Hickory
Style: Axe
Overall Length: 16″ (406.4 mm)