Flitz Jewelry & Gemstone Cleaner 207ml Plastic Jar


Diamond and Gemstone Cleaner

Remove tarnish and clean pearls and silver and gold jewelry safely and quickly! Remove grime from bracelets, chains and watchbands! Non-toxic and eco-safe! Works like magic on Gold, Copper, Silver, Sterling Silver, Platinum and more! Cleans rubies, emeralds, gold, diamond, platinum and precious stones. Instantly revives dull, discolored jewelry, and generational heirlooms shining significantly longer, year after year. Leaves no fingerprints!

Removes: Soap, Lotion, Body Oils, Grease, Makeup & Hairspray.

Dip Jewelry in tray and swish around for 30 seconds. Rinse with water. Dry and buff with Microfiber cloth to shine.

For heavy residue buildup in rings, bracelets, necklaces & waterproof watches:
Soak for up to 10minutes. Use a soft bristle brush, work residue out. Rinse with water. Dry and buff with microfiber cloth to shine. For best results on bringing a high lustre to all metals, use Flitz Precious Metals Polishing Creme.


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