NexTorch, GTK GloToob Tactical Kit


Flashlight Mount

Glo-Toob Tactical Kit is the ultimate mounting solution for Glo-Toob GT-AAA and GT-AAA Pro, strong enough to endure abrasion and corrosion for being made from the lightweight and high-tensile fiber reinforced nylon. Its flexible and detachable design allows GT-AAA and GT-AAA Pro to be mounted better onto OPS-CORE ARC Rail, 1″ webbing (such as MOLLE/PALs webbing) and any Velcro loop surfaces.


Dimension: 68.4 X 50.3 X 27.9mm

Ring size: 18.8-19.8mm

Weight: 27g

Material: PA66+30%GF

Color: BK or TAN

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