Flitz Jewelry Care Kit


Your kit includes:

  • 1.7oz. Tube of Precious Metals Polish
  • 7oz. Jar of Diamond & Gemstone Cleaner
  • Jewelry Basket
  • Precision Cleaning Brush
  • Ultra Suede Polish Applicator

Don’t leave your jewelry in a lonely box on the dresser just because it needs a little cleaning. Bring it back to life and into the sunlight with the Flitz Jewelry Cleaning System!

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The Jewelry Cleaning System so complete, you’ll never make a trip to the jeweler’s for a cleaning again! The Flitz Jewelry Cleaning System quickly cleans and polishes ALL your jewelry. It’s 100% safe on gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and gemstones.

Consisting of the Precious Metals Polish, the Diamond & Gemstone Cleaner, basket, brush, applicator and polishing cloth, you get everything you need to quickly and easily bring all your jewelry back to life. Even the body oils and gunk that builds up in chains, bracelets and watchbands is no match for the Flitz Jewelry Cleaning System.

A simple dip in the Diamond & Gemstone Cleaner and like magic all the tarnish and gunk is gone. Then, a quick application of the Precious Metals Polish and a little buffing and you’re back to a high luster shine that will last for months! The Precious Metals Polish leaves behind a thin protective coating of natural carnauba wax to keep your jewelry shinier longer!

Note: Flitz Precious Metals Polish is even safe on PEARLS!

The Flitz Jewelry Cleaning System works on rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, watchbands and more. Try it out on precious family heirlooms, service medals and sterling silver serving sets. You can even use Flitz Precious Metals Polish on “the good silver”! You’ll be amazed at how quickly items return to their original beauty. Emeralds, rubies, opals, garnets and diamonds all pick up contaminants that reduce their brilliance. All of that goes away in an instant with the Flitz Jewelry Cleaning System!

Please note: Some costume jewelry contains an electroplated metal finish and we do not recommend that you use the kit for these type of items.