NexTorch GL20 Key Ring Torch – 60lumen White & UV


GL20 UV is a multi-function key light with white light and UV light in one, applying 2 high-quality white LED for max 60 lumens, able to meet various daily lighting needs. 365nm UV light with stronger penetrability and more accurate detection effect adapts to detect the fluorescence in baby products, cosmetics, living goods and identify the authenticity of paper money, alcohol and cigarette, etc. Powered by rechargeable built-in lithium polymer battery, economical and environmentally-friendly; set up with low power reminder, easy to know the remaining power; with fashionable appearance and light weight design, GL20 UV is your ideal choice for everyday carry, product detection and gifts.

  • LED:High-quality LEDs
  • Output:4 lm/ 60lm/ flashing/ 365 nm UV light
  • Runtime:14 h/ 1 h/ -/ 8 h
  • Battery:Rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery
  • Distance:7 m/ 23 m/ -/ –
  • Material:Appearance: ABS+TPR
  • Diameter:60.3 mm(Length) x 33 mm(Width) x 11.5 mm(Thickness)
  • Weight:17.5 g (with battery)
  • Impact Resistance:1 meter
  • Water Resistance:IPX4, 1 m Underwater


Battery will not be included for overseas purchase 

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