RovyVon, Aurora A28 1000 Lumens Multipurpose EDC Flashlight


The Aurora A28 has a clear transparent polycarbonate case that allows the UV light to be useful and practical. The A28 comes with 2 options on the front LED – CREE XP-L for high output needs, and Nichia 219C for high CRI purpose. The side white reading light is also neutral white. The Aurora A28 has a unique feature inside which is about the GITD battery holder.


  1. Clear transparent polycarbonate body, lightweight and durable
  2. Luminous/GITD battery holder
  3. Optional front LED
    a. CREE XP-L HD, max 1000 lumens
    b. Nichia 219C, max 700 lumens, 90+ CRI
  4. Removable and replaceable* 600mAh lipo battery, max runtime 72 hours
  5. Built-in Micro USB charging with indicator, fully charged in 60 minutes
  6. Neutral white (4000K-4500K CCT) side reading light, 2 brightness levels
  7. Side red signal light (A28R) or UV light(A28U/A28R)
  8. Stainless steel pocket clip included (not removable)
  9. Equivalent IPX8 water resistance

*The battery is proprietary.