RovyVon, Aurora A9 Copper Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight (CREE XP-G3)s


After one and a half year of release of the Auroras keychain flashlights, we wanted to complete the line from A1 to A10, here is the Aurora A9. The A9 is made of copper and weighs 39.8g. In its size which is just 1mm wider in diameter and 5mm longer in length, it has a twice capacity battery than the original Auroras, 260mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Thanks to the constant current circuit design, it is not just improving the PWM but also extending the runtime. Suggestions from our lovely users/fans, we added the moonlight mode into the lighting settings with a double lick the light will be turned on by default from Moonlight or we can call it ultra-low mode – 2 lumens. Oh yes, the strobe was hidden and removed from the main lighting modes, activate it with a triple-click from any status no matter the light is on or off.

NOTE: For brass or copper items, patinas are what they are going to be, and the patterns are random and not under our control, if you do mind that, please DO think it twice before the purchase, any warranty claims based on the patinas are NOT covered.



  1. CNC precision crafted
  2. Optional LED:
    a. CREE XP-G3 LED, max 650 lumens
    b. Nichia 219C, max 450 lumens, 90+ CRI
  3. 260mAh rechargeable battery
  4. Constant current circuit, PWM improved
  5. Micro USB charging, fully charged in 70 minutes
  6. Reversible pocket clip
  7. Equivalent IP65 weather resistance