RovyVon, V20 Cutter, Sandblasted


The Valor V20 is made of titanium alloy and it has a unique designed blade that is made of stainless steel and replaceable*. It’s highly recommended that lock the blade with screw the button up clockwise during using to avoid any unexpected dangerous. Other than a knife, it can be also used as a bottle opener if needed. For people who like tritium vials, there’s a design of 2 glow bar slots for DIY or coming with glow bars originally.

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1. Made of titanium alloy
2. Replaceable blade (Proprietary)
3. Press and Push mechanism
4. Screw lock ensures safety
5. Ergonomic design for more comfortable operation
6. Bottle opener
7. Paracord/Lanyard tail hole


Length: 71.3mm / 2.80″
Width: 26.3mm / 1.03″
Height: 6.1mm / 0.24″
Weight: 27.5g / 0.97oz

What’s in the box: 1 x V20 knife, 1 x 1m paracord