Ulticlip, UltiLink Pinion Expansion Pack


UltiLink Pinion Expansion Pack

Expand the UltiLink system with this add-on kit.

Includes: 2 Pinions with mounting hardware for belts, molle, knife sheaths, holsters, and other applications.

The pinion works in conjunction with the lock unit allowing you to quickly remove, relocate, and reattach your gear. Not a complete kit. Purchase complete kit here.






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Bag#1 – Pinions, Steel Washers, 3/8″ Screws, 1/4″ Posts
Bag#2 – Steel Pinion Clips
Bag#3 – Rubber Washers, 1/4″ Posts, 3/8″ Screws
Bag#4 –  1/2″ Screw, 1/2″ Post, Steel Washer
Bag#5 – Slotted Steel Mounting Plates

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Slim 2.2 Mounting Template Slim 3.3 Mounting Template UltiClip Classic Mounting Template UltiClip 3+ Mounting Template UltiClip XL Mounting Template


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Weight 0.090 kg

Pinion Content & Usage

An overview of the UlitiLink Pinion Expansion Pack

Pinion Installation - Bag 1

Install the Pinion using the items found in Bag 1

Pinion Installation - Bag 2

Install the UntiLink Pinion using items found in Bag 2

Dual Pinion Assembly - Bag 4

Assemble two UltiLink Pinions using the items found in Bag 4.

Pinion Installation - Bag 5

Install the UltiLink Pinion using the items found in bag 5.