UST Floating Lighter (WG01525 / WG01527)


UST Floating Lighter

• Windproof flame − catalyzer coil provides 2000° F (1093° C) flame that withstands winds up to 80 mph
• Piezo-electric ignition − lights up to 30,000 times and works when wet with zinc die-cast wind guard and lever
• Nylon fuel tank
• Flame adjustment − provides proper oxygen mix for optimal performance up to 8000 feet (2438m)
• Gas inlet − fills quickly and easily with quadruple-refined high-performance butane fuel
• Waterproof outer case − ABS plastic case is impact resistant. Waterproof design with O-ring seals and wire bail
for secure closure and buoyancy.
• Flame window indicator − ceramic flame window glows a bright white color when lighter is ignited
• Fuel Capacity: Quadruple-refined butane, 0.04 oz. (1.2g)